Why do I need MONI?

A simple question: Do you use the internet? -yes

So if I asked you what the internet was you would likely think of this:

"...a global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities,
consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols."

...and when you see diagrams of internet or "cloud" applications you generally see something like this:

Which looks really simple, doesn't it?
I mean: what could possibly go wrong ....?

The hidden reality is more like this:

So hopefully you are starting to understand that the internet is a vast worldwide immensely complex computer network.
Any one of the millions of connections in this network can fail at any time.
...and you are relying on it all working flawlessly, aren't you.

So when your customers ask you why your stuff doesn't work you can tell them that:
the reason is that it's on the internet, which is a vast worldwide......

Because they will understand this, right?

I mean: you understood all this before you relied on the internet, right?

What you really want to do is detect the problems before your customers.
So they will not know that there are problems and think your stuff is fantastic.

...and that's where MONI comes in.

MONI is in your network watching it all the time.

When there are problems MONI will detect them for you and alert whoever does your support immediately.
Like having a team of network experts watching 24 hours a day.

MONI can provide information to your service providers automatically.
which means they can see any problems and correct them before even you know.

Making your stuff better than your competitors who don't have MONI.

Which means more return on your investment.
Which, of course, means after MONI paid for itself you enjoy the rewards.

Still asking yourself why would you need MONI?